The Wave: Wellness and Karate

The Wave: Wellness and Karate

Led by New Salem’s own Jones family (Otis, Daniel, and Nathaniel), youth engaged in a Karate demonstration on February 9th as part of the Life Development (LDV) Department’s weekly youth fellowship called “The Wave.” We continue to prioritize wellness by dedicating one Wave fellowship monthly to various aspects of physical, mental, and spiritual health.

We are clear with our message to youth that God is concerned about their wellbeing and desires for them to develop practices to maintain it. One message that Brother Otis relayed to youth is that Karate helps them to develop a strong physical stance and become unwavering like their faith in God.   

Regarding the impact of the fellowship on her middle school son, Jahkai, LDV parent Tashia Hightower said, “When he got back to the car, he was really excited and wouldn’t stop talking about it. He tried track but that wasn’t it, so he’s really excited and wants to do Karate. When he got home, he even started doing the various types of pushups he was shown.”

We are grateful to our Wave Wellness Ministry Leaders Deacon Donald Cade and Robert Wilson. We also thank our guest presenters, Otis, Daniel, and Nathaniel Jones, who welcome all youth 5 years old and higher to practice Karate for free at local Linden classes.

For information about free karate classes, contact Youth from 6th-12th grade meet weekly on Wednesdays for The Wave, sometimes virtually and sometimes in-person, from 6-7 PM.  

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