Youth Ambassador Program: Act 1

Youth Ambassador Program: Act 1

“The greatest among you must be a servant.” Matthew 23:11 (NLT)

February 16, 2022, was the official start of the Youth Ambassador Program. The youth showed up ready to serve while the mentors showed up ready to lead. It was a very busy night at New Salem’s Food Pantry. Between serving more than 30 families and restocking shelves, everyone was busy that night. Throughout their time at the pantry, the youth was dedicated and hardworking in their designated areas.

At the end of the evening, all the Youth Ambassadors, along with Brother Ani and myself, gathered for a few minutes to reflect on their first official experience in the program. The reflections ranged from youth expressing their desire to learn the language of the pantry to youth rating how comfortable they felt to fully take on all facets (aspects) of their position.

The journey has just begun for all involved in this program. It will be exciting to see all that God does to and through this special group of youth and mentors. I’m excited and believe that not even the sky is the limit when we are serving God’s Holy Kingdom. Stay tuned! For more information about New Salem’s Youth Ambassador Program, contact

Ivanna Rivers, Administrative Assistant to Life Development Youth Director

New Salem Baptist Church

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