Exciting CARE Group News

Exciting CARE Group News
Sis. Carol Waytes, CARE Groups Ministry Leader

Sis. Carol Waytes will now serve as the new Ministry Leader for CARE Groups assisting Rev. Landon Adams, Director of Maturity for New Salem.  Carol, a member of New Salem since 2014, is known for her tireless volunteer work with the SOS (Saints on Streets) team as well as her work within her own CARE Group and many other ministries. She will help coordinate efforts, provide support and give overall care to our shepherd leaders and group members.  She can be reached via email at maturity@newsalemcares.com.

CARE Group and Connection Challenge: Holy Conversation

The first week of October will kick off a CARE Group and Connection Challenge: Holy Conversation!  The 12-week study teaches us how to engage in easy and comfortable conversations about the good news of Jesus. Using small, easy steps, we will unpack the gospel in common terms, and develop practical ways to share our faith with friends, neighbors, and colleagues. Our hope is that it will help you uncover and rediscover some beauty in your own story, learn about and grow with others, and help you be better at sharing your faith.

For now… How exactly will this work?  First, the book, Holy Conversation – Talking About God in Everyday Life, by Richard Peace, is available for $10 when you register through New Salem at https://newsalemcares.shelbynextchms.com/external/form/468acaeb-b68e-40ad-9114-c64dc601d656.  We have the books on hand and can get them to you starting Sunday, once you register.  In terms of completing the Challenge, there are a few options of engagement:

As a CARE Group: You simply register and get a copy of the book, Holy Conversation, and run it through your weekly CARE Group sessions like you would any other study.  We are hoping all our CARE Groups will participate!

If your CARE Group does not meet weekly, you can engage (collectively or individually) through the following Connection Challenge.

Connection Challenge:

  • For those who are not in an active CARE Group
  • Register and get a copy of the book, Holy Conversation
  • Select a learning/small group time – Weekly study of the lesson and small group discussion
    • Sundays, 9-10 am, virtual during Sunday School
    • Wednesdays, 7-8 pm, in-person in the Fellowship Hall following Community Dinner
  • Sign up to host a small group for the 12-week series

We are working with our Associate Ministers and other Maturity Department leaders to provide some add-on experiences and resources for the Challenge as well.  It is going to be an exciting experience.

Looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday, September 6 at 6 pm for the information meeting. 

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