Special Black History Month Sunday School

Special Black History Month Sunday School

Happy Black History Month Family!  This is your reminder to join us this month for New Salem Institute – Sunday School, every Sunday at 9am on Zoom.  All of our classes are listed below, including our special BHM emphasis.  

Special Black History Month Sunday School:

A Firm Foundation: The Black Church Out into the World – Click Here to Join

Rev. Landon J. Adams

February 5 – Hymns & Hip Hop 

Bring your favorite lyrics from a hymn or a hip hop (or any genre) song as we consider how they inform and shape our faith, perspectives and actions.

February 12 – Politics & Justice

Where in our faith do we root the idea and work of civic and community leadership?  What is seperate, related, and or inextricably linked?

February 19 – Community Development

John M. Perkins, founded Christian Community Development Association, who’s vision is to see wholisticaly restored communities with Christians fully engaged in the process of transformation.  Come explore the Biblical foundations we stand on as we do the work of transforming our own community.

February 26 – Somewhere Other than Church

What does it mean to be Christian in organizations that are not explicitly Church! Love and service are Christian hallmarks that many Black social organizations were founded on and work to uphold today.  Hear from members of our congragation who are members of fraternities and sororities about how they exercise their Christian faith in their organizations.  

Traditional NSI Sunday School Classes:

Cleveland-Sims: Click Here to Join
Intergenerational – Deacon Tracy Robinson and Bro. Darryl Scott & Bro. Rossi Taylor

Divinely Intwined Couples: Click Here to Join
Couples – Rev. Barry & Sis. Rosiland Crump

Maximized Manhood: Click Here to Join
Men – Rev. Eddie Roberts

Woman, Wife, Mother: Click Here to Join
Women – Min. Brenda Troy

Blessing to you this blessed Day.  We look forward to seeing you on Sunday – Rev. Landon

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