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Ronald Bailey Daring Faith Story


Please check out Ronald's testimonial video.


Daring Faith kicked off in October of 2016, and I remember on November 6, 2016 reading the passage in the Daring Faith book about big dreams and big faith. I remember talking to God about my three big dreams where I knew I would need big faith, because my faith was low in these areas.


  1. TRILL Forever (True Relationships In Life Last Forever) – This is one of my non-profit organizations, where I travel around and work with the youth, teaching them to share their story and express themselves through spoken word.

I started TRILL Forever back in 2006 when I graduated from college. I always wanted to work with youth. While growing up in the inner-city I had a lot of mentors who motivated me and inspired me, letting me know that I could make it, despite growing up without a father, despite watching my mother use drugs, despite having a learning disability, and despite struggling at home and at school. My coaches and my mentors always encouraged me, while giving me hope and faith. I thank God for placing these individuals in my life. In turn, I try to encourage youth, letting them know that no matter what they face, they can be successful in life. So my first Daring Faith dream is that I will be able to operate in this area as my full-time job, my “9-5”.

  1. Basketball Coach - My second Daring Faith Dream is to become a head girl’s basketball coach. I am very passionate about using basketball as a tool to build youths’ character and spirituality, and to let them know that they can overcome anything that they face in life.

I have been coaching basketball and training athletes for the last 12 years. I love it. It is very fun.To me it is bigger than basketball. I always tell the young ladies, “If I am just teaching you basketball, then I’m not teaching you anything at all.”I am able to be genuine and show my love and appreciation for each individual that I work with. I am able to be their coach, friend, and mentor. If some of them lack brothers, I am able to be their big brother.I am able to be a father figure. I try to be what they need me to be in that moment. I just try to motivate them and encourage them like my coaches and mentors motivated me.

I am very grateful that God has provided opportunities for me to do TRILL Forever activities and coach basketball at the school where I work.

  1. Having Another Baby – My third Daring Faith dream was that my wife (Talon) and I have another baby. This meant a lot to me and I was really fearful to talk to God about it because in the process of us trying to have a baby in 2014 and 2015 things did not work out and we lost both babies. From that point on I lost faith about it and said, “This is not a part of our destiny. This is not going to ever happen. Me and my wife are not going to have another child.” I was content, but my wife encouraged me saying, “It can happen”. However, I did not believe it. I remember after the second time, sitting in the hospital and asking the doctor if we could get her tubes tied because I did not want her to experience that pain and hurt ever again. He said, “No. We are not going to do that”.

So the months went by and in April of 2017 we found out that my wife was pregnant. Throughout that process we were excited, but we were also scared. A lot of things happened. We went to a high-risk doctor. She had blood clots. I thought, ”Here we go again.” But God showed up. He showed me that He is faithful, that Daring Faith is real and that He can do the impossible.

On November 15, 2017 Karsyn Grace Bailey was born. I thank God for showing me that His power is real.


One of my most devastating moments was losing my mother on January 5, 2018. It is something that I am still struggling with and battling through. I am just taking it day by day and believing that God is going to give me the strength and everything I need to make it. This is heartbreaking, but what helps is that I know for a fact that my mother is in a better place.

To those who see this, I don’t know what you may be struggling with in your faith. I encourage you, if you haven’t read that book, Daring Faith, pick it up. It will motivate and encourage you that whatever your situation is, God can work it out. 

My name is Ronald Bailey…and this is Daring Faith!


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