Our Virtual Worship Service will occur on Sundays at 11:00 am.

ALL In-person meetings are canceled or moved to a virtual platform.

New Salem COVID Kids Resources


Below are resources for children.


Educational Resources

  • Khan Academy - Daily Schedules for ages 2 to 18
  • GRADES K-3 - At-Home Learning for grades K-3
  • GRADES 4-6 - At-Home Learning for grades 4-6
  • Online Learning Tips for Parents & Guardians:
    1. Log into the learning management system to ensure access
    2. Update contact information for emergency communications.
    3. Download the school app and the learning management system app.
    4. Check technical requirements for browsers and plug-ins.
    5. Make sure there is adequate internet connectivity or smartphone access.
    6. If internet access is spotty, download the content from the learning management system.
    7. Take time to navigate through the online learning platform and explore its features.
    8. Check on Americans with Disabilities Act issues immediately, such as the need for closed captions or transcriptions.
    9. Discuss possible emergency procedures with teachers.
    10. Create a dedicated study space and routine.
    11. Stick to a traditional schedule to maintain learning pace and rhythm.
    12. Attend virtual office hours and participate in online study groups.
    13. Don't assume classwork will be easier because it's online.

Interactive Activities

More resources are being added daily!


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