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Winter 2020 NSI


Winter 2020 Courses of the New Salem Institute Sunday School begin on Sunday, January 5th and run through Sunday, March 29th
Winter 2020 Term - Adult Courses:
  • The Anxious Christian?!
  • Music Ministry: More than an A and B Selection
  • Peace x Piece: Chess-Based Strategies for Cultivating a Christ-Centered Community
  • Simple Strategies for Significant Leadership, Part 2
  • Wait, Watch, and Work: A Study of 1 + 2 Thessalonians
  • What the Faith?! Part 2: Disputable Matters
  • Cleveland Sims Intergenerational
  • Couples Divinely Entwined
  • Maximizing Manhood
  • Woman, Wife, Mother

Winter 2020 Term - Youth Courses (begins March 1st and are offered in the Center for Excellence.)

  • Grades 6-8 - Unified Class
  • Young Women in Grades 9-11 - "Girl Talk"
  • Young Men in Grades 9-11 - "Cracking the Code"
  • All 12th Grade Students - "Senior Transition"

Winter 2020 Term - Children's Courses 

Classes for Children (nursery through 5th grade) are offered each week in the Promiseland Area. 


View descriptions of this term's thematic courses here: NSI Sunday School Winter 2020 Term Course Descriptions

Register for your Winter 2020 NSI Sunday School course here: NSI Sunday School Winter 2020 Term Course Registration

For more information please contact Rev. Landon Adams at or (614) 930-2206.


Did you take a Fall 2019 Term Course? Complete your Course Evaluation here: NSI Sunday School Fall 2019 Term Course Evaluations


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