Our Virtual Worship Service will occur on Sundays at 11:00 am.

ALL In-person meetings are canceled or moved to a virtual platform.


We are excited to be launching a new opportunity for learning – Teaching Tuesdays – Every 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Tuesday of the Month at 6:30pm, starting Tuesday, October 12!  Each class will be an hour on the Zoom platform.  See the classes listed below and register today.  Invite your Ministry Partners, CARE Group Members and Church Family/Friends to participate with you.\


Membership – Rev. Eddie Roberts

Connected! John 15

In the age of COVID-19 and social distancing, staying Connected is very important. 

October 12 – How is your Connection: Technology

October 19 – How is your Connection: Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally

October 26 – How is your Connection: In-Person


Register for the Connected! class here:



Maturity – Rev. Landon J. Adams

The Character of God – Word Study

The Character of God – Exodus 34

Dig deeper into the character of God through exploring the words of scripture used to describe God.

 October 12 – Introduction: Exodus 34:6-7

October 19 – Compassion

October 26 - Grace

November 9 – Slow to Anger

November 16 – Loyal Love

November 23 – Faithful


Register for the Character of God class here:



Missions – Adam Troy, donna hicho, & Jasmine Ayres

Beyond The Walls: Saints on Streets (SOS)

Taking the Gospel, Ministry, and Fellowship to the community.

October 12 - The Golden Triangle: Whose My Neighbor

October 19 – SOS in Action

October 26 – SOS Community Engagement-Not a Spectator Sport!


Register for the Beyond the Walls class here:



Magnification – Dr. Merlyn Ruffin

How Did We Get Here?

Ever wondered why we do what we do in worship?  Let’s explore how it all comes to be.

October 12 – Common Practices of the Church

October 19 – Why We Do What We Do

October 26 – Worship: Before, During, and Because of COVID


Register for the How Did We Get Here? Class here:



Women of Power – Min. Brenda Troy

Myths of Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking is more than what you think it is, and even some of what you don’t think it is.  Come learn some of the common myths associated with this human evil. 

October 12 – Introduction to Human Trafficking

October 19 – Myth #1

October 26 – Myth #2

November 9 – Myth #3

November 16 – Myth #4

November 23 – Myth #5


Register for the Myth of Human Trafficking class here:



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